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Nevada Faith and Health Coalition - HIV and AIDS

In the last three years, 1,480 Nevadans have contracted HIV/AIDS and 302 have died with it1. While this disease affects all people, those in the African-American and Latino community have borne the brunt of this epidemic by margins greater than 62%2. This disparity in infections has translated into other disparities in care and mortality rates, among other things.

In seeking to address this health concern and various others, the Division of Public and Behavioral Health has sought to explore the concept of partnering with faith-based organizations (FBOs). Nevada, in contrast to popular opinion, has a high number of churches with 1,651 congregations (953 in the Las Vegas area alone). This translates into 1 congregation for every 1,816 people.

The potential to partner with FBOs grows exponentially when we consider both the high rate of monthly attendance among African-American and Latino populations (76% / 74%)3 and capacity of FBOs in terms of resources and goodwill. There are arguably few greater untapped resources in addressing HIV/AIDS and other health issues than FBOs in Nevada.

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